Monday, April 21, 2008

Where is Dandy Don Simpson?

Frank Miller, Don Simpson, Colleen Doran, Larry Marder, Jeff Smith sometime in the '90s

Well...The photo from yesterday's post was from last week--the photo above was from the last decade. Not sure what year, but I believe it was at a Chicago Comic Con. I do declare, Colleen hasn't aged a day.

Recently, a whole bunch of us from the '80s alternative scene and the '90s self-publishing movement, some of whom were Don Simpson's closest friends, realized that none of us has heard from him in several years and none of us seem to have an email address for him.

Anyone have any idea where Dandy Don may be?

If so, please let me know at!


Unknown said...

I found this link from wikipedia, which includes an email. Haven't tried it, so no idea if it works.

Anonymous said...

Ah Megaton Man! I remember seeing Don's books, although they never intersected with my couple of years of rabid collecting for some reason.

He has an empty blog called "The less said the better", what else? :)

And there's an email address at least:

Anonymous said...

No sign of Don the last few years.
We kept in touch during the mid-to-late 90's, collaborating with him on a character we concocted at cons called "Mr. Drawing Board Belly." Those saw print in Negative Burn. He got married and went back to teaching, I think, also relearning the sax. Eventually, his blog stopped and all addresses didn't work. I think he was disappointed in comics and the comics scene and just dropped out.

We used to talk often, but then he was just gone. Miss you, Don!

Anonymous said...

According to Wikipedia - Don has recently done a bunch of freelance work - and was last featured doing illustrations for All Franken's book. Illustrating a New York Times' best seller does not sound exactly like him falling off the face of the earth. As for falling out of comics - I'd imagine him being more popular for his porn work under the monicker of "Anton Drek" than for his much beloved "Megaton Man" ( which imho could have been as "mainstream" as Ben Englund's "Tick" but never was ) and the lack of success being involved in a project such as "1963" - which should have made everyone s STAR - probably made him a bit jaded about doing comics.