Monday, May 5, 2008

A find from 1999!

I just posted this archaeological discovery on Flickr.

As I wrote in the intro:

"Recently, while looking for something else, I found this transcript on the bottom of a pile of stuff that was stuffed in a box that had been in a file in my desk at McFarlane Toys.
I'm almost certain that the questioner was Roarin' Rick Veitch and it was intended for his column on
As a snapshot of my mindset, from a time I can't recall particularly well, I thought I'd post it for you before it got lost again."
I'm quite certain that it never ran. As far as I can tell, I just gave up editing it and never sent it in. I think some of the things I said at the time are quite solid and true and some of the stuff (particularly about Beanworld) sounds loony tunes to me now!

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Anonymous said...

So it isn't just the teenage years that get fuzzy...