Monday, May 19, 2008

Rory Root RIP

Rory and I at WonderCon last February

Rory Root was a great human being. He was generous, funny, well informed, full of anecdotes.
And a visionary retailer. Way back when, he believed he understood the future of comic book retailing ,and he set out to make his ideas became reality. His Berkeley store, Comic Relief, was unlike any other.
He was a great friend to Beanworld and a good pal of mine.
His great silver coffee cup is now forever empty and will miss him as much as we will.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear lord. I never met him but have heard of him through comics friends, and this site. I hear people like that don't come around often.

David Goldfarb said...

Holy shit!

I've been a regular at Comic Relief since before it opened. (By which I mean that I used to buy comics at the store Rory managed, before he left to open his own store.)

I'd known he was having health problems, and I hadn't seen him in a while when I went in for my weekly fix. But I had no idea it was so serious.

I'd known him more than half my life. Damn.

M Styborski said...


I first met Rory many years ago through Kirby Gee. He was incredibly friendly and always willing to talk, shop or otherwise. The thing that amazed me is that he remembered me from that first meeting to our second, almost a year later. It's always cool when the giants remember the peasants.

Rest in peace, sir.