Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Larry Marder's Beanworld returns for a whole new generation!

So said the official email from Dark Horse. Here is a transcript of the PR release:

Dark Horse Comics proudly announces the arrival of a most peculiar graphic novel experience -- Larry Marder's Beanworld!

Beanworld has captivated readers from grade school to grad school since its first publication as a series of comic books in the 1980s. Starting in early 2009, Dark Horse will present Beanworld as a series of affordable graphic novels collecting all existing Beanworld stories, with new material to follow in the same format, beginning with the all new graphic novel Remember Here When You Are There! To whet the appetite of new and loyal fans alike, Dark Horse will also release an all new Beanworld webcomic this Fall, with a full color Beanworld comic book to follow in time for the holidays!

Series creator Larry Marder explains, "Beanworld is about the affinity of life. It's like A Bugs Life meets Mutts, as told by Dr. Seuss & Joseph Campbell. It's a weird fantasy dimension that operates under its own rules and laws, but also reflects deep truths about our world in doing so. All the characters, whether they are friends or adversaries, understand that ultimately they depend on each other for survival. Beanworld isn't a place, it's a process, and I can't wait to share that process with a new generation of readers!"

"I couldn't be happier to welcome Larry Marder's wonderful stories home here at Dark Horse! I've always felt this is where they belonged, and I'm thrilled to be bringing them to today's readers," says Dark Horse President, Mike Richardson.

"Wahoolazuma! Larry Marder's personal Look-See Show is back on the boards! Beanworld is simply a joyous experience," said editor Diana Schutz, "total eye-candy, and it's good for you, too!"

"When Beanworld was first published, many people said it was ahead of its time," Marder says. "Looking at today's world raised on Pixar, Cartoon Network, and manga, I think it's fair to say that Beanworld's time has come. I'm looking forward to working closely with the team at Dark Horse to introduce the Beanworld to this comics-literate world!"

Look for Beanworld adventures, new and old, in the coming year!

So that is the news!

Beanworld is totally rebooting. It's not an archival project. It's being presented to a new generation in a modern format--a series of affordable graphic novels.

There is going to be a free online comic on MySpace Dark Horse Presents in the autumn.

And there is more!

A real live, full color Beanworld comic book in time for the holidays!

And in 2009--the graphic novel we've all been waiting for (yes me too!): Remember here when you are there!"


Anonymous said...

Nothing could make me happier.

Anonymous said...

I'm a happy, happy sprout butt, and I think I'm going to cry. YAY!!

JJA said...

The Beans are at long last replanted. Congratulations!

Unknown said...

First I'm told my contract for work is being renewed for two years, now I read this. Outstanding.

I'm glad I'll finally be able to get Beanworld in graphic novel collections, even though I do not believe that's the best way to read it; even though I still have the first graphic novel, I still prefer to read those stories from their original comics. Something just feels better.

But, I'll be glad to own the others in graphic novel form finally... single books may be more satisfying, but collections are easier to manage, and easier to loan to friends!

Larry, if I might suggest, with Beanworld returning I would love to have a forum to discuss Beanworld ideas with other fans. There are so many ideas that it wold be fun to speculate on. Currently my favorite one is with Beanish and the hearts/Dreamishness... There's a panel where Beanish wonders what the deal is with these hearts are that he produces when he creates the "NOW!" with Dreamishness...then he remember the Hoi Polloi do the same thing with the sprout butts!

So are 'hearts' something more than just representations of love for the reader's benefit? And, with the HP they cause the sprout butt to break apart and become chow... how will it affect Dreamishness? It won't cause her to break apart? Why does it help her become "more?"

Anonymous said...

Check out the forums at wwww.captaincomics.us for some of the most intelligent comics discussion on the web. It's got a thread for discussing Beanworld that I started years ago.

Larry Marder said...

Ken, as I slowly advance towards a "real" website (as opposed to a blog) I definitely intend to offer up a message board.
I've always been keenly interested in hearing what Beanworld readers think about.
Your observations regarding the Bliss hearts is a good one. For a hint as to where it is all going --I cryptically refer you to the cover of TOTB #21. http://www.rdrop.com/~half/BeanWeb/Issues/TotB21.html

Unknown said...

OH ho! Scrolling back through comments I haven't been monitoring, I finally saw your response here... and I start thinking about that working sketch you produced for that cover where Proffy didn't encounter the FOUR realities...

And then I start thinking...

And now I can't stop thinking!

As in, I am starting to see clues that I don't want to speculate about yet... except that perhaps Beans have their own Realities... perhaps other life forms have their specific ones too.

Ah... but I've spoken too much.

Splinter's Iroonna said...

For real???

Beanworld is coming back?

I've been out of the loop for so long-- this is fantastic news!