Monday, October 27, 2008

Cross Hatched!

Part 1 of a three part interview at the Daily Cross Hatch is online.

I met Brian Heater through our mutual pal, Jeff "JahFuurry" Newelt last spring during the blur of events that happened around New York Comic Con.

In this first installment I mention:

"...about two years ago, I just sort of collected all of the pieces,
and I actually found, in my own archives, a bunch of story fragments that were
clipped together in a certain order.

It was like I had done this, 10, 12 years ago, to say, “hey Larry, you’re going to forget about all of this, but some day in the future, you’re gonna find this. This is what you intended, but you’re about to forget,” and I did."

That was a freaky day when I found that on the bottom of a pile of collected chaos in the Beanworld archives. Clearly I had done this while I was still in Chicago, and here it was in a big pile of papers in my weekday place in Phoenix. That meant that it had been unknowingly transported to California, moved two or three times and then made it out to AZ.

I still don't know what that quite possible--but there it was.
Weird, huh?
Stuff like this happens to me all the time.

I'll let you know when the other parts go up.

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