Thursday, October 9, 2008

Larry Marder Interview @ Westfield Comics

"Larry Marder has worked in the business end of comics for a number of years, but to many comic fans he's best known for his unique creation, Beanworld. Now, Beanworld returns in a new collection and holiday special. Westfield's Roger Ash recently spoke with Marder about the return of Beanworld and what happens next."

Thanks to everyone who has posted or written regarding my Dad.


Anonymous said...

The shirt you're wearing in the photo is the only Beanworld shirt I own that I still fit into. I wear it very infrequently because the image is wearing out in places.

Any plans for new shirts?

Anonymous said...

haha! I am so excited to find this just to tell you how much I love your work. The first time I read Beanworld I was seven, and at the time I just loved it as a great story book. Now that im much older my adoration has only grown. I never thought id see the day Beanworld would make a come back! I cannot wait to get my hands on your newest books. Theyre wonderful and timeless, and im sure to enjoy it for as long as my copies hold up. Thank you so much for bringing back your work Larry!

A long time fan-

Unknown said...

I also have the shirt that's in the picture. All these years, I've only ever worn it once. (It gets saved for special occasions.) I must have been about eight when the random purchase of a loose issue led to my discovery of Beanworld. Once I had acquired all I could get of Beanworld, I saw your name come up as editor-general in an Image comic. At that moment, I resigned myself to the fact Beanworld was a casualty of your new job. Not that I didn't enjoy what you did there- the years of your tenure were Image's best in my opinion. They've certainly never been the same without you since. And now that long-cherished hope of mine has come true, just in time for my sibling to start reading the series. I have seen many comics bloom and die mid-series, their authors unexplainedly vanishing off the publishing face of the earth. Thanks for coming back and not giving up on Beanworld.

And as I did of old, let me sing out: "Mountain grown? Dots da RICHEST, kind!"

PS: Beanworld had a cross-over with the rest of the eclipse universe at some point in the series. Are you going to work around or include that in your compilation?