Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wahoolazuma Correx!

Well, this is what I've been doing the last several days--looking over the marked-up proofs of the brand-new scans of all the pages for Larry Marder's Beanworld: Wahoolazuma!

Diana Schutz , Brendan Wright, Matt Dryer, and others on the amazing art and editorial crews at Dark Horse have done a fabulous job of capturing all the nuances of line work on the original pages. Plus they are correcting a lot of the silly typos and art errors that sneaked through the first printings (and subsequent reprintings). In correspondence, Diana charmingly calls the revision mark-ups "the correx." I don't know if this a Diana term, a Dark Horse term, or even become an industry term while I was off in the world of toy making. But it is forever part of my vocabulary NOW!

It's been the first time I've really looked at every line, of every frame, since the pages were first published in the individual pages of Tales of the Beanworld. The first trade paperback printings were from the original films and whatever dumb mistakes were in the comics were automatically also in the trades.

It is exciting to be revisiting these stories. I really, truly can't wait for these volumes to be out in the marketplace available to an entire new generation of potential Beanworld fans. It is indeed a totally whahoolazuma proposition!


Anonymous said...

"The correx" is the perfect term for proofreading Tales of the Beanworld: I think Diana Schutz must have been inspired by Mr. Teach'm or Dreamishness.

Anonymous said...

Does Diana need any new underlings? I would love to have a job doing "correx" for comics. Right now I do them for a local newspaper, so I've got experience! Where should I send my resume?