Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hoo-Hoo-HAs & a Hoka-Hoka-HEY!

You can send your comments and questions for Beanworld Holiday Special right here.
The first online review has already been posted at CBR and I thought it was right on target.

Anyway....if you have something you'd like to say in public about BHS--you can say it here. If you want to say it in private, the addie is

And now, I gotta get back to finishing the cover for Remember Here When You Are There! 'cuz Dark Horse needs it asap!


Dvandom said...

Larry Marder said...

In Dave's LiveJournal review (follow the link above) he comments:

"And the fact that Dreamish is green may be some sort of Important Clue. Or maybe not. :) "

Let me assure you....
It is.

bob said...

A few quick first thoughts over here.

This was really a great little story, with the only real objection I have being that it was too short. I was surprised by how much I liked the colouring, though I wouldn't object if we see a de-colourized version of it, too. Is there any chance something like that could be included in A GIFT COMES, since this leads right into the framing sequence of #21?

I loved the little connections to past events in Beanworld lore (which, if past is prologue, I'll pick up more of in every re-reading) and hints of the future. Does Mr. Spook's inability to see Beanish's art as anything other than a pile of Four Realities have any relationship to the Cuties having the same reaction to the big Look-See-Shows? For that matter, can Mr. Spook see the action effigies like the Cuties can?

I think my favourite bit was that Mr. Spook was well aware of the Cuties' lack of communication, and just assumed everyone else was and it wasn't a big deal. Very Mr. Spook.

I have to say, it's getting harder and harder to understand that crazy Boom'r slang.

Vernon said...

the boom'r band has always been my favorite. I like how they care for the cuties. To me, that says something profound about the nature of music

ZenMondo Wormser said...


I thought you might like to know about a little endeavor of my 9 year old son: He likes to play the computer game spore, where you make your own worlds and creatures that populate them. Conor's latest planet is called "Big Big Picture" and he is populating it with bean-like creatures. He even calls the offspring Pod'l'pool cuties and I guess where they are raised Pod'l'pools. So I think its very neat that he is using the medium of a computer game to explore the ideas introduced to him in the comics. I would think that Beanworld Toys for our world's "cuties" would be a great idea, as play is a way that young ones learn and relate to the world and bigger issues.

-- Zen

Larry Marder said...

BOB: The color pieces will be accumulating over the next year or so. The current plan is that at some point there should be enough of them to be collected together into color book of some sort. The stories I've done in color, were made for color. As for your question about Mr Spook's ability to see (or not see) the Action Effigies...well, it is on the current agenda of things I happen to be working on right now.

VJ: Next year's OGN will have a whole lotta musical action taking place! n a lot of ways MUSIC is the central theme of the book.

ZEN: I have a total blind spot when it comes to games. Which has been observed by others to be a bit strange, if for no other reason, I have shown apptitude in business for seeing the entire playing field. And I often looked at business as just a big game anyway.
But gaming is something I've never been able to do. A long, long time ago,in my early Image days, I often accompanied Rob Liefeld, Matt Hawkins, and Dan Fraga on their treks to play arcade video games (which gives you some idea of how long ago this WAS!).
I've read the media accounts of SPORE and seen some of the screen shots and I have to looks quite extraordinary. And very intriguing.
I'm delighted that your son Conor is letting HIS Beanworld merge into his SporeWorld.
I suspect if Beanworld does manage to migrate to another platform some day it will either be in gaming, cellphones, or both.
We shall see!

bob said...

Cool, possibly more new Beanworld in addition to HERE THERE. Any chance of re-colouring the ASYLUM story to match the style of the new stuff?

Anonymous said...

I realize that this is way late, but I wanted to comment somewhere that related to the Beanworld Holiday Special, as I just picked it up. I noticed that Beanishe's Action Effigies of the Sol'jas had the masks on the Plunk'n Sol'jas, but not on the Spear Fling n' Flankers. Was this a mistake on his part? Or is their deeper meaning to this?