Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Beanword Holiday Special Eve!

Yep. Tomorrow, Wednesday December 17th is almost here.

And that is the day that I can officially say (for real):
The Beans Are Back!

And here is what just a few folks
out there in the fabled blogosphere
have to say about it:

But my favorite comment has to be Rich's in Lying in the Gutters:"


There’s a new issue of “Beanworld" on Wednesday/Thursday.
From Dark Horse Comics.
Stocked by all comic shops that actually like comics.

Yes this is the most important story this week, why do you ask?"

Oh, and then there is THIS!
Much, much more on THIS tomorrow!


Dvandom said...

A rather well-spoken robo-comment-spammer, that.

My first Beanworld was #5, grabbed out of a quarter bin because I needed a few more comics to reach the 10/$2.50 level (35 cents each otherwise) and it looked interesting.

Sadly, the newsstand where I got it had stopped carrying comics sometime between my college graduation in 1992 and a stop I made in 2002 on my way to my current job. They'd stopped carrying much of anything besides vinyl records and head shop stuff, in fact.

Unknown said...

I, sadly, will probably not be able to pick my copy up until Saturday due to a charity event my workplace is putting on this Friday for a local children's hospital. However, my comic shop guy knows that if he's not holding a copy for me this week when I show up, I'll find a new comic shop. So I'll get my Beanworld eventually.

Anonymous said...

ugh - i just typed a long comment which for some reason didnt go through. so, in brief - just read the special, wonderfully succinct (re)introduction of your basic concepts. so happy to be able to buy new Beanworld again, so sad that the next new volume isn't available NOW, and at least from this reader, THANK YOU so much for returning to the Beanworld and letting the readers continue our exploration of the Big Big Picture.

Trina said...

I'm so excited!!!

Dvandom said...

My store's shipment almost got sent to Italy by mistake. The one box with Beanworld in it did get delivered, but the box with the invoice is still in the bowels of UPS's goofy service jerks.

Unknown said...

FINALLY, I can go into a comic book store and ask the counter guy about Tales of the Beanworld and he can no longer give me that "what in the world are you talking about?" shrug.

Sadly I will have to wait for it til January unless you know of a place to pick it up in China! Hopefully it will still be in stock when I return stateside.

I can't wait.