Thursday, December 11, 2008

So last night....

...I'm taking a break and flipping through my routine of channels. I always start at MSNBC, and if that doesn't hold my attention, or goes into commercials, I go to TCM.
Turner Classic Movies is without a doubt my favorite channel on basic cable. Not everyone has in their cable system and I really believe that I couldn't live in an area that doesn't have this essential channel.
Anyway, the movie on TCM was The Naked City, which happens to be one of those films that no matter what point the movie is at when I stumble across it--I'm almost certainly going to watch it until the end. And I did.
And lo and behold, when the film ended and Robert Osborne came on screen, sitting next to him was Frank Miller. Frank was the guest programmer last night and he picked four excellent films. I watched 'em all except during the Taking of Pelham One Two Three I dozed off for the night.
What a treat and good going Frank!

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Anonymous said...

If you haven't seen the Taking of Pelham One Two Three you must. It a great 70's classic.