Thursday, March 5, 2009

Playing Catch Up!

WonderCon was a terrific experience. I loved being in Artist's Alley for the first time in almost 20 years. My table display was a ramshackle mess compared to all the slick displays of the new generation of cartoonists putting their collective toes in the waters of conventioneering, and I took quite a bit of ribbing from my friends for it but, honestly, I didn't care. Pam over at And We Shall March took the above shot of the Beanworld chaos at my table. You can judge for yourself.

I was giving out gobs of FREE Beanworld Action Figures and those silly things still make people break out in big smiles.
My panel was last thing of the day on Friday, in fact, part of the allotted time went past the dealer room closing. I wasn't really sure ANYone was gonna show up--but they did--and we had a terrific time talking about anything and everything. And, as it turned out, it was the first panel I ever gave where there wasn't someone holding up a sign saying "2 minutes" or "STOP!" because there wasn't anyone behind us. Finally about 10 minutes past the allotted time I saw that a cleaning staffer was standing there waiting for us to leave so we broke camp and went our ways.
Had a fun time signing at Dark Horse giving out the new signing card and a really good time at the CBLDF Drink & Draw doing stream-of-consciousness sketches. Pam bought one.
Thank you everyone who bought the book and got it there!


Torsten Adair said...

Congratulations on now being a "New York Times Bestselling Author"! Even though I get a discount as an employee of Barnes & Noble, I couldn't wait, so instead bought it at the comicbook shop on the day it came out. A bit shocked at the size, but actually, it helps... Your story is intimate, engaging the reader one-to-one, and I look forward to volume two!

Dvandom said...

You could probably provide a free limb-creation kit for the action figures too. You can get "shrinky dink"-style inkjet printer pages, just provide a few PDF sheets of various limbs (i.e. arm with spear, arm without spear, blue footed leg, etc) at the right size so that when they shrink down they'll be the right size to insert in a bean. Miniature version of the original Mr. Potato Head.