Tuesday, July 21, 2009

FREE Beanworld Stuff in Artist's Alley GG 16!

World launch of the latest addition to the
FREE Beanworld Action Figure
line up of most peculiar
leguminous collectibles.

Almost ready to walk out the door
and motor-vate down south
and make the trans-dimensional shifteroo
into Comic-Con time and space.

Hoo-Hoo-HA & a Hoka-Hoka-HEY!


Torsten Adair said...

For those who cannot partake of San Diego, the second hardcover volume of Beanworld ships on Wednesday!

Tabkend said...

I can smell you Tina... and I can smell your GRRRRAINS!

Vegetarian Zombies on the way!

Unknown said...

Thanks for signing my copy of Wahoolazooma! It was nice to meet the man behind Beanworld. Can't wait to dive into Book 2.

Splinter's Iroonna said...

Considering what took place THIS year, you should have had "Twilight" beanworld action figures.

Cynthia ;)