Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well...Back from Comic-Con aka San Diego, SD09, CCI, Nerd Prom, and Nerdi Gras.
It was a first rate experience for me. I'm still scribbling my serious thoughts about Comic-Con but I thought I'd post the few pictures I actually managed to remember to snap. (I definitely gotta get better at that!)
Angela Takahara

The Takahara Crew: Camelia, Angela, and Adult Supervision

Above is the Takahara family. They bought a copy of "A Gift Comes!"one day at the con and apparently when they returned to their room Angela cracked the covers and started reading. The rest of the family dozed off for the night and Angela read the entire volume in one sitting before going off to slumberland. The entire family came by the next day and we all happily chatted up the Beanworld experience. Angela flipped through my notebook of original art and named and explained all the characters and what they do in the book. In the morning her dad asked her to explain Beanworld to him and she said "It's easier to read than explain." 9 times out of 10 that's about the best I can do myself and say the exact same thing.

Paula and her Beanworld Action Figure Walkman MP3 player

Paula and her Wahoolazuma Purse!
Paula came by with her pink Walkman Bean MP3 player that she asked me to transmute into a Beanworld Action Figure MP3 player. Which I happily did and in the process accidentally came up with the next model of FREE Beanworld Action Figure.
Speaking of FREE Beanworld Action Figures. ZOMBIES were a big, big hit. I couldn't keep 'em in stock. More on Zombies in the next post.


Unknown said...


Larry Marder said...

Thanks for the was hard to read Angela's handwriting it was a 50/50 chance of being a lower case N or an H!

Unknown said...

Cool purse.

Michael Takahara said...

Hello Larry,

Thanks for posting the pictures of Angela and our family. It was actually beanworld book 2: the gift comes! Angela, Cami and I had already read book 1 together before SDCC.

It was wondeful for us to talk to you. Thank you for sketching in my self-portrait sketchbook. And thank you for creating beanworld.

Peace, maka

Larry Marder said...

Thanks for the clarifications. I have to say...after all those days of Comic-Con all the memories start to blur.

James said...

I picked up my copy of A Gift Comes this week at my local comic shop, so it's finally out. Yay, happy!

Unlike Wahoolazuma, there were bits in here I didn't remember at all. I know I had all the issues but I mustn't have re-read them as often. It was almost like getting new Beanworld, which I wasn't expecting until later this fall when Remember hits.

Normally, reading stuff for the week, graphic novels fall to the bottom of the pile to be read last. Beanworld was at the top, and I didn't touch anything else until it was complete. I've got the two volumes side-by-side now and they look fantastic together, and I can't wait to put Remember beside them to make the start of a Beanworld library. I'm just not sure where to file the special from last Christmas.

Unknown said...

Larry Marder,
You are my hero.
With thanks,
best wishes,
and the greatest respect,
Gordon Smith
of Chico,California