Monday, September 21, 2009

Beware The FOG!

Well, I was working on something and had reason to look at the text pages of the second trade paperback edition of Larry Marder's Beanworld: Book One. I took a look at the Beware the FOG! performance drawing and realized just how muddy and filled it was in that re-printing of the book.

That's almost certainly because it was done from a scan taken from a pre-printed page that was taken from a PMT that was taken from a Velox print from a negative shot from the original piece of art. That is a pretty circuitous route spinning away from the integrity of the original.

So I looked up at the original as it is hanging above my drawing tablet at about 1 o'clock. And I thought, the original is too big for MY scanner but the Velox print is in excellent shape and small enough to be scanned.
So I did.

It's even still taped down to the board with the instructions for the PMT.

The original is a fairly large: 17" x 26." It was drawn on some sort of cover stock that was laying around on a skid in the bindery at Lithographics, Inc. where I worked at the time. I believe the entire drawing was done with Sharpies, Bic pens, and Flair pens. Oh and some sort of White-Out. This was drawn during one of those periods where I had the fervent belief that anything I did should be drawn with tools that could be bought at any Woolworth's store.

I've mentioned it before, but the building in the background was a real place. Well, kind of real. It was based on a comic book store named Funtiques & Fantasy and it was owned by a great guy named Norman Babineau. I used to go there every Friday after work and get a big armload of comics for about five bucks! (They cost about 25 cents in those days after all!)

On a related note, I've posted the Hoo-Hoo-HA & a Hoka-Hoka-HEY text pages from the first book here.


MrSeanLane said...

If all of the extra stuff and stories in the regular four Beanworld TPBs (and even some of the ashcans doodle work) could be included in the 3rd book or somewhere along the line in maybe an "Art of Beanworld" type book I'd be so grateful.

That behind the scene stuff and the Dreamish story really enhance the Beanworld universe, and it's a shame to see them left out of the new books so far. I'm buying the new books but I can't let go of my old TPBs in fear of losing the extra art and stories forever.

Sorry, just a fan complaint.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the scans of the Hoo-Hoo-HA & a Hoka-Hoka-HEY text pages.

What a great read!

Brian Jacoby from Secret Headquarters in Tallahassee Florida said...

I'm with Sean.

I'd love to have a matching HC with all of the "extras" including the essays that were in the back of the old TPBs.