Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Here There!" Teaser Freezer!

It's Tuesday and I thought I'd do a
teaser today.
To my surprise I realized that any sort of teaser I plucked out of the book
at this point might act as less a "teaser" and more of a spoiler."

Can't do that!

So, instead, here is the artwork
(without the dialogue)
from another tale altogether.



Brian Jacoby from Secret Headquarters in Tallahassee Florida said...


Where and when will this tale appear in print?

Larry Marder said...

Good question.

The next story I have slotted up between Book Three and Book Four is going to cover a question many of you may ask after your read Book Three.

It will be a slice of implanted continuity that happened after "While We Were Eating" and before "Remember Here When You Are There."

Then of course, there is also the sequel to "? and !" \
Gotta do that.

And yes, the LOOK~SEE~LIBRARY story.

But the real mission is BOOK FOUR.
It's still in the hand wringing and soul searching phase so I'll work on these other stories until Book Four reveals itself to me with more vivid clarity.