Thursday, September 17, 2009

From Out Of The Moondog's Archives!

Hi Larry,

After seeing your query a few weeks back wondering what that one BW piece was, I started going through all the things you gave me or autographed for me back in the day.
I got everything together and took some photos. Hopefully they turned out good enough for you to see.
Share them on your website if you'd like. I think your fans would love to see some of the obscure stuff.
I hope you're well.
Say hi to Cory.



Gary Colabuono, aka Moondog, was my boss for three years in the early '90s when I was Marketing Director for Chicago's Moondog's Comicland.

It was a very heady time in the comics business.

While I was there all sorts of stuff happened including the Death of Superman, the simultaneous and symbiotic births of Wizard Magazine and Image Comics, the speculation frenzy, and the birth of the DLG, a retailers organization.

The core nucleus of crazies in the HQ office was led by Gary and also included Sue Flaim-Laz, Vince Smith, Bevin Brown, and the incredibly talented Chris Ecker. We did some amazing things there in the days before email and the Internet.
We had a hell of a lot of fun too.

Gary is a collector-born.
He has some really good Beanworld stuff here, don't you think?


surfinstein said...

Such a glowing compliment! The coolest thing I remember was standing there watching the Image images being faxed over to us...does anybody fax any more????



Larry Marder said...

You mean those Image images that Valentino would send and swear us to secrecy? That was FUN!
And...I was told just the other day that Dave Sim still uses a fax.

Anonymous said...

huh.. good