Wednesday, October 7, 2009

HEY KIDS! Trade In One Of YOURS For One of MINE!

I must be crazy!

But here is the deal
for one weekend only!

Come by my table at Baltimore Comic-Con
and trade-in one of your homemade Beanworld drawings
for a genuine Marder-drawn, signed original sketch
of the same character!
Offer open to kids of all ages!

Only one trade-in per person allowed.
If your drawing contains more than one character,
you must decide which single character you'd like as your trade-in sketch.
After the drawing exchange I can post your sketch in the
Leguminous Fan Art Gallery.
And it would be nice if I could get a snapshot of you and your art too.


Below are some of the items
that will be available at my table.
I’ll be in Artist’s Alley in row 2301 (not sure which letter my table be as of yet)

Of course, I'll have a limited number of
Larry Marder's Beanworld
hardcover books

And whatever you do, don't forget this!

FREE Remember Here When You Are There!
16 page sneak preview while supplies last!

Look-See Library Series
Series One

Series Two

Color prints limited to a series of 10.
8 1/2" x 11" on natural card stock.
Numbered and signed by the Artist Includes a Certificate of Legumination

Ashcan Comics

Low run, limited edition ashcan comics.
"Hungry" and "Professor Garbanzo's Joy Ride"contain early pencil drafts
of sequences that turn up in "Remember Here When You Are There!"

Cute Collectible Cards Cute Collectible Cards

The name kinda sez it all.
Color prints of your favorite Beanworld characters on white card stock.
5 1/2" x 4 1/4"
Supplies are dwindling fast!

Beanworld Orphan Art

A crazy collection of Beanworld original art drawings
in a multitude of sizes, shapes, colors, papers, and prices.
Commissioned Artwork?
It's always worth a conversation!

All product prices are reasonable and will be posted on site.

There will also be quite a wide selection of Beanworld Orphans
up for adoption at Comic Book Legal Defense Fund booth # 1912.

CBDF supports the First Amendment legal work on behalf of the comics community. I'm on its Board of Directors. It's the mission of the CBLDF to stand up and defend comics when unjustly accused of wrong doing. Stop by their table and give it a good look-see.
It's a very worthy cause to support.


samuel rules said...

can't wait to see you again this weekend!

Hengest said...

I think I asked this once before and got no response or missed it - does any Beanworld fan out there have a citation for that Duchamp quote about the viewer completing the work? I would so appreciate if you could even point me to the volume.

david e. ford, jr said...

hey cal,

check out duchamp's "The Creative Act," which you can find in English in The Writings of Marcel Duchamp (ISBN-10 0306803410, ISBN-13 978-0306803413), Da Capo Press, 1989, in addition to probably several other anthologies of his writing.


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