Thursday, October 13, 2011

Treasure, Venture, and those Crazy Trade-Ins!

Long ago, when I was a fan and handing out free copies of the amateur Beanworld maxi-comic--one of my biggest fears was that the person I handed it to would put it in his or her bag and then totally forget about it from that point forward.

Over the years, I've tried really hard to not be "that" creator. My track record is pretty good. Amidst the hustle and bustle of a convention floor, I do my best to make sure that something someone gave me doesn't get lost or scrunched up. But truth is, sometimes I forget where I stashed stuff for safe keeping and it ends up, well, misplaced.

That's what the above stuff in my hand is.
I found it today, misplaced but not forgotten, hidden between several cardboards in my convention bag. They were hand delivered by Shayne Olson, the kids' dad. Regular readers of this blog may recall that I've posted about Treasure and Venture Olsen before: here and here.

Inside the envelope was the letter below from Treasure, age 7 (at the time).

And also delivered were two great drawings by Treasure's little brother, Venture, age 5 (at the time), showcasing his own characters based on his love and appreciation of Beanworld.

Tricky Beans

Moon Beans

That night, after all the convention hoop-la died down, I penciled the following:


They were hand delivered back to the kids by their dad.
Thanks again Olsen family


And as I head out to NYCC, this is a good moment to review the "rules" for:
Crazy Larry's Trade-Ins!
Trade-in one of your homemade Beanworld drawings
for a genuine Marder-drawn, signed original sketch of the same character!
Offer open to kids of all ages!

THE DETAILS: Only one trade-in per person allowed.
If your drawing contains more than one character,
you must decide which single character you'd like as your trade-in sketch.
After the drawing exchange you agree that I can post your sketch in the Leguminous Fan Art Gallery.
And it would be nice if I could get a snapshot of you and your art too!

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