Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Larry Marder's NYCC11 Schedule!

I snapped this blurry iPhone photo before packing these treasures in my suitcase:
fleece Beanworld Action Figures, original art drawings in hand colored frames, limited edition prints!

Yes, I will be at New York Comic Con this weekend.
But not as a guest with a table.
I'll be a free floating attendee.

I'll be walking around & talking to fellow creators and business colleagues.
I'll have some of the things you see above in my bag, and if you ask to see them, and you are so inclined, they can be yours.

I will have have two scheduled signing events--all will feature world famous FREE Beanworld Action Figures and more leguminous-type stuff!

Crazy trade-ins?
You bet, catch me at any time!

Booth 1158
noon to 2 pm

Dark Horse Comics
Booth 1238
10 am
There will be free TFAW sketch cards galore at DH signing!

And whatever you do--don't forget THIS!

1 comment:

David Akers said...

OOOH, Mr. Spook and Notworm! I know what I'm going to get from you next! (That's assuming I remember. *heh*)