Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Alka Seltzer in Space!

The entire piece is pretty cool but the last minute
with the Alka-Seltzer is so cool--to ME anyway.
It's a bubble eat bubble world up there...
as bubbles battle it out for supreme dominance of the water sphere


smccloud said...

Toward the end, the bubble ball looks like Jack Skelington's head!

smccloud said...
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Anonymous said...

Bubbles eating other bubbles! I love it when it burps.
This has nothing to do with this post, but I was reading the intro to the book "The Art of Pirates of the Caribbean." Gore Verbinski wrote: "We were in process, throughout the process....
"These are working drawings, and represent a collection of evidence: evidence from a crime that was vehemently plotted and planned."
It just reminded me of Beanworld --maybe it was the "process" that started it, but the part about the pictures being evidence...it's like reading and rereading Beanworld trying to understand all the little clues you've given us, and all these tantalizing teasers. And I know you've been "vehemently" plotting and planning for years and years.

Larry Marder said...

When I saw the bubbles go into a skull-like mode--I immediately thought of Scott's observations in "Understanding Comics" regarding the human impluse to recognize faces in seeminly random patterns.
I ALMOST wrote something to the effect of "Did anyone else notice that the bubbles sort of coalesced into a skull-like shape that sorta looks like Jack Skelington? I wonder if Scott McCloud would see it?"
Well, now we know!