Sunday, September 23, 2007

Orange Cat at the Legendary Edge

I remember doing this drawing to take to Petuniacon in 1984 to put in the art show. As I always say--I walked into Petuniacon a fan and I walked out a pro. It was drawn with Pantone marker on Bienfang 360 layout paper--my favorite paper to draw on for over 30 years.
I sold some of my of drawings at Petuniacon but this one seems to have come home and ended up lost in a file for the last 23 years.
The original is similar in size to the current set of drawings I've been doing for the CBLDF. Once I got out on the convention circuit on a rgular basis post-publication of Beanworld #1, I stopped selling colored drawings in mats and switched to the smaller, black and white "Chip Drawings."
(At least that is what Cory, Charles Brownstein and I always called them at the Beanworld booth!)

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Anonymous said...

Whee, I love that little Beanish drawing!