Tuesday, September 4, 2007

It's Another Tantalizing Teaser Tuesday!

Another pencil sketch featuring Beanworld's toolmaker and and artist.
Wonder what Proffy has on her mind?
And does Beanish have time to help her?
After all, it's approaching midday.


John R. Platt said...

Tantalizing indeed, you tease!

Charles Brownstein said...

Too bad the enlargement isn't on for this one. The drawing is the closest I think you've ever come to nailing Herriman. Something about the overall jumpyness of the line, from the lettering, to the anxiety lines around Beanish, to the shading on Proffy's backside. I think it's Proffy's eyes and the back shading that really bring the Herriman riff home for me.

By the way, and maybe you covered this in the books and I've forgotten, but is that a hat that Proffy wears, and if so, what the hell is it made out of? And if it's not a hat, are those tattoos?

Separately, I always appreciated the fact that Beanish went in for body modification to set himself apart from the others. Dunno why, but I've been thinking about these things lately.

Unknown said...

Hi Charles
The origin of the hat is in the comics - 20 & 21, the last issues. No explanation of where they got their pants though... Now I can't remember if Heyoka pulled his pants over his head and is looking out those tiny leg holes or something else

Anonymous said...

Heyoka got flip-flopped by the flip flop tool. But I can't remember which issue that's in and I don't have time to go look, sorry.