Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Teaser Actually On Tuesday!

For those who have been asking "Where are the web comics?" Well...here is something that give you a good taste of what they will look like.
Meanwhile, I'm pressing forward on my presentation at my panel at Stumptown at the end of April. More on this as it gets closer.


Anonymous said...

Oh man! Color!??

Unknown said...

Yeah, the color throws me off at first, also... It's like, is this the cover of the book? But I'm glad the coloring is more simple, and not so fancy like in the Asylum mini. That didn't quite feel like Beanworld to me.

This, though? Feels like the covers of old. I can handle that. But I'm more concerned about whether the new incarnation of Beanworld is only webcomics, or will there be a traditional comic book companion? I would missing flipping back and forth through the pages.

Vernon said...

That sounds amazing. I am a huge beanworld fan, my life would be completed if I went to Stumpdown

Ethan said...


I'm going to come to see you at Stumptown. What would be the best day and time to arrive for maximum Beanworldage?

-Ethan Fleischer

Jeff said...

I will be heading south to Stumptown, so I CAN'T WAIT!!

Anonymous said...

In celebration of comics: "MLK wasn’t killed because he was black. He wasn’t great because he was black any more than I’m great because I’m tall. Whites didn’t own blacks because of their skin color either." ~ Doug TenNapel

Check out Tennapel.com, although you might have to do the Google Cache, looks like he took it down.

Looks like another Dave Sim.