Monday, May 19, 2008

And speaking of ads....

I found this one today. The Quark Xpress slug (!) at the top is dated February 26, 1995. The red writing on the side says "Bone Ad Negative Film." So I have to assume that this was an ad intended for an Image Comics issue of Jeff Smith's Bone. Don't recall if it made the issue or not. Don't really remember if this ad ever actually ran anywhere at all.
But looking at it TODAY, I like its intent.

It seems that everyone who reads Beanworld finds something unique in it. Every reader creates his or her own story within the story I present on the page.

One of the things people have told me over and over is that Beanworld has aged very well along with them over the course of their lives. That it matures in the imagination like a fine wine.

It seems that no one really ever outgrows Beanworld.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I know! That one ran in Previews or Advance Comics or whatever it was back then. I had it pinned to my bulletin board at least through junior high (mid-90s).

JJA said...

Ah, Quirk Excess. That really brings back the days at the service bureau... Direct-to-film drum scanners, mounting transparencies under sheets of mylar with mineral oil, and the inexorable transition to digital prepress.

Things used to be messy.

Anonymous said...

Hey, anyone remember "Round like a do-nut" in Giant Size Mini-Comics?"

Anonymous said...

Best Beanworld ad. Period. Pull it out of retirement for the new Dark Horse reprintings! It captures the essence of Marcel Duchamp's quote "It is the spectators who make the pictures."

I don't think the ad ever ran in Bone -- I sure would have noticed it.

And yeah, anon, I remember "Around Like a Do-nut". An earlier rectangular version w/o beans was reprinted in The Comics Journal #201, Jan 1998, p. 66.