Friday, August 8, 2008

Calbee Barbecued Flavoured Grill-A-Corn

Out of all the peculiar and wonderful snack foods I munched on during my frequent trips to Hong Kong when I was in the toy business, without a doubt my favorite was a Japanese product called Calbee Barbecued Flavoured Grill-A-Corn.

The package caught my eye with its corn and steak kabobs on the front. You can see it in the link. I guess it's a bit ironic that the Calbee company site imposes the package over a basic bean shape.

They are sorta like Cheetos but different. Really good stuff. The graphics above were on the back of the bag. I can guess what they might mean. I liked the way they looked and so I snipped 'em and taped 'em to the wall in my studio space in my place in Phoenix. They just turned up and they are back on display in my studio again.

Also, in honor of the Olympics, on Flickr I've posted a small gallery of humorous photos from my travels tp Hong Kong and China.

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