Saturday, August 9, 2008

JahFurry Jamboree Line Up

Previously an uncaptioned photo in my SD08 Fickr set, this whacky dinner of oddfellas took place right after my panel at ComicCon on Friday night. It was a rolling thunder of an evening as various folks shuffled in and out of the orbit of Jeff "JahFurry" Newelt. Jeff is a presence in comics that is almost impossible to explain. He's a connector. I only met him last fall at SPX but since then I've learned that he has an impeccable instinct for who might be interested whom else. I've met a whole bunch of amazing people because of Jeff.
I really enjoyed the company at this dinner. I spent most of the time talking to David Lloyd, who I hadn't run into since the old Eclipse days and with Star St. Germain. Afterwards, I had an incredible chat with Scoop who is a Harvard graduate now working in the Roget Corman studio. He is going to have a very interesting career track--you can count on that!
Afterwards, we all shambled slowly over to the Hyatt where JahFurry re-introduced me to Molly Crabapple who's Dr Sketchy worldwide mission is well worth knowing about and investigating further!


thisisstar said...

Lovely to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Which one in this picture is you?
The legend is impossible to follow since I have no hope of recognizing any others there.