Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Can it be? Is it possible? Is this the return of Tuesday's Tantalizing Teaser?

This is a panel from the upcoming MySpace Dark Horse Presents eight page story. It'll go up next month.

There has been alot of discussion about the use of color in Beanworld, a project that was born and raised in black and white. Plus, there has been the anxiety that new color stuff might be as over rendered as the Asylum story oh so many years ago.

Well, fear not!

First of all I'm doing the coloring myself. And I'm following a rule of thumb that is quite simple: Color nothing in any fashion that is more rendered than something in the Sunday funnies.
No coloring that is any more complicated then Doonesbury or Mutts. Simple, striking colors with the occasional fade here and there.

Plus, for you artistes out there...I'm keeping my color palette so simple that I'm rarely even mixing three colors together. Most of my colors are solids (100 M/100 Y-Proffy's shoes) or single tints (50/C-Boom'r Beans) or a combination of a solid color and a tint (100Y/50 C-Bean green).

Very antiquated sort of thinking but I really want the color stories to have that same sort of old-fashioned-but-new-fangled-look that almost all of my work seems to exude.


jasonturner said...

I have to say that I am VERY happy to hear about your colouring direction! I liked seeing Beanworld in colour in Asylum, but HATED the fades and 3-Dishness of it.

I'm excited! We need some kind of countdown to Beanworld!

Unknown said...

If this picture is representative of the coloring, I'm all for it! I still prefer the black and white Beanworld, but this doesn't feel like it's trying to push me into another dimension.

So is the new series black and white then? I didn't catch that earlier. And now I am curious where the web comic is going to take place on the Beanworld timeline...

Dan Goodsell said...

love the coloring concept - very smart and fitting