Saturday, September 12, 2009

More From the Beanworld Archives!

Mr Spook
12" x 12 1/2"
Pencil drawing on paper
(really old and yellow paper!)

This drawing in on a piece of paper that was from my days at Lithographics, Inc. in Canton, CT.

I can tell because it has pre-printed "live area" and "trim marks" on the back side. Nowadays, you only see these things on comic book art boards, but it was pretty standard stuff in all the graphics arts back then.

I left Lithographics during Bicentennial Week in 1976.
I moved from Connecticut, where I'd gone to art school, back to my hometown of Chicago. I brought a lot of paper scraps with me because there were certain stocks that I really liked drawing on.

Do I remember the names?
Not a clue.

Even if I did remember, chances are, the paper companies long ago were absorbed into a huge paper mega-conglomerates and the names stocks have been renamed.

The drawing itself is undated but it wasn't drawn in Connecticut.
Based on the style, I'd say it's from the mid-80s 'cuz that's the "real" Mr.Spook and Fork.
And he's riding some sort of Thunderbird vehicle.
(But it does have a wee bit of foreshadowing of things that happen in Here There!)

I don't remember drawing it.

I don't quite know what it's supposed to be or when in the Beanworld story arc it is intended to take place.
Not sure if it is a "real" Thunderbird or if it is some sort of symbol on shield.
Could be either.

But I like it.
So I thought I'd share it!



jasonturner said...

That is a funny feeling when you look at a drawing that you know you drew, but all you can think is "What exactly was I thinking there?"

And just last night I was looking more closely at the Here There cover online and was wondering excitedly what Mr. Spook is doing... flying. Very much looking forward to the new book!

Unknown said...

Looks like a great arcade game.

Larry Marder said...

Y'know. Wil...when/if Beanworld ever transcends into another medium...gaming is the one that would interest me the most. Which is funny, because I'm not a gamer. I don't play games at all and never have BUT I have often found them intriguing to watch and think about.

Larry Marder said...
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Brian Jacoby from Secret Headquarters in Tallahassee Florida said...

My 5-year-old daughter would never leave the computer if there was a Beanworld video game.

Larry Marder said...

Oooops, had to delete my own double post and that "Comment deleted This post has been removed by the author." sure has a sinister look to it, doesn't it?

Anyway, regarding a game--it just seems like the medium that would be the most natural transition between platforms.

A lot of processes to experience in the the Big-Big-Picture and I think Beanworld fans might quite enjoy making up their own itineraries!

John K. said...

Looks like he's using his fork to control the thunderbird thing.