Tuesday, July 17, 2007

And a good thought it is.

At some point in late 2005 or early 2006, I started experimenting with Beanworld drawings in hand decorated frames. They started accumulating rather quickly and so I donated a stack of them to my buddy, Charles Brownstein of the CBLDF, that he could sell to raise money for the fund. Obviously, I'm no Jim Lee or Neil Gaiman--but apparently as Charles took them around the country folks that remembered Beanworld were willing to plunk downsome of their hard earned cash and purchase one of the colorful little Beanworld thingamajigs. I assured Charles that I'd be replenishing his stack and will be stopping by the CBLDF booth to do my part for the Fund. I got his from Charles this morning.

"Thanks also for bringing the Beanworld drawings my way. Like I said,
there's a small but enthusiastic following. As a test, maybe you could
post one, or even just that pic of you holding up the Beanworld drawing with the cheshire cat grin from Heidi's blog and indicate that people can buy new Beanworld drawings from us at CCI. Just a thought."


Anonymous said...


Also, *squeal*.

You know about CafePress, right? In case you are struck with the desire to create adorable Beanworld T-shirts for your small but devoted following of fans who have never given up hope that one day there would be more Beanworld books? Beanworld T-shirts will comfort us while we're waiting for the new books ... or whatever it is you have in mind for Beanworld 2.0.

Also, we need Beanworld earrings. We have needed Beanworld earrings for DECADES.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

I've never even had the slightest desire to pierce my ears, but when the original Beanworld earrings (Hoi Polloi, I believe. I'm not sure where they are now...) came out, I bought them without hesitation.

It may seem crazy, but I'd likely do it again.

John R. Platt said...

Oh man, if these were for sale online, I'd buy one in a flash.

Skippie said...

Yes, yes, I've been dreaming about buying one of these drawings, any chance you will offer any online?
Thanks so much for your blog, and for donating to CBLDF.
I have a Beanworld bolo tie around here somewhere, from 1993(?), I'll hunt it up and send you a photo.

Larry Marder said...

I haven't really thought about it up until now. Fr the time being, I'm donating these drawings to the fund--as far as the future goes--who can say?
I'm just happy the response to the little critters has been so positive.