Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday notes

Cory is abroad on A&K business, so I spent the weekend struggling with Photoshop tutorials (a curse of having "people" to do things FOR me for the last 15 years), watching Harry Potter DVDs, and working on the Beans. I'm getting somewhere on Photoshop (I think).

Anyway this in from Bob Heer @ Gunk'l'dunk:
“A while ago I went to Scott McCloud's local signing for MAKING COMICS,
and he mentioned you to the guy two places ahead of me, so I mentioned that the
reason I brought ZOT #31 for him to sign was that it was my first issue, bought
after seeing the book recommending in BEANWORLD and Scott's intro to the first
book, and how much I loved the little Beanworld reference he had in that
issue. I also asked him if he knew if you were still cartooning, and if he
could talk you into publishing again, and he mentioned your interest in Duchamp
and how Duchamp surprised everyone by suddenly having a major work done in
secret long after everyone thought he was out of the art game.”

Scott McCloud is a very wise fellow indeed. The McCloud Family is going to roll into Phoenix this Friday and I unfortunately will not be in town that day. So I will have to see them at Comicon or SD07 as the trendy bloggers seem to be calling it nowadays.
Now, it is true, I am working. I never actually STOPPED working…I just got very, very, verrrrry slow. Glacially slow. But never stopped.
Well, that was then and this is now.
As far as Scott’s mention of Duchamp, well, all I have to say is…this!
One of these days I'll get around to talking about "What Marcel Duchamp means to the Beanworld." But not today.


Indigo Kelleigh said...

Ah, Mr. Marder!

I am thrilled beyond belief that you are working on new Beanworld material! This was one of the comics that made me want to get into comics in the first place, lo these many years ago. I just introduced a friend of mine to Beanworld this week, in fact, a friend too young to have caught it the first time around. Considering how many readers probably haven't read Beanworld before, I have to ask, are there any plans to reprint the earlier material?

Anonymous said...

Now that I've calmed down a bit, I do have a quick question for you.

Are you planning on bringing the older TotB back into print in any format?

If so, will it be before or after the new material is released?

(Okay, that's two questions. Perhaps I'm still a little overexcited)

Larry Marder said...

Yes. I have to republish it if I want to keep it in print. The first two TPBs are all but sold out. I still have quite a few 3s and 4s. I never did get around to publishing 5 as far as that goes.
So, it'll all be in one volume I'm thinking. Published when? By whom? At what price? Ahhhhhh....those are the questions that need to be answered.

bob said...

That Beanworld cameo in my first issue of ZOT! can be seen here, by the way. If anyone knows of other Beanworld cameos that I haven't covered on the "Bean Spotting" feature, let me know.

bluemoonpaul said...

You say you got very slow with working on Beanworld. So, I'm curious, what slowed you down? Was it a matter of being distracted and occupied with work and travel? A change in the industry; did you think Beanworld would not be as welcomed? Did you choose to slow down, or did you always want to work on it more, and just didn't get to it as often as you'd like? Of course, I'd be interested to know the answer how much you've produced over the last decade-plus, but I'm willing to wait and let the Cheshire Cat toy with this reader.

It's funny to me you've popped up on this blog when you did, as I've recently stepped up production on a project I intend to self-publish. Many things have clicked into place for me to make it finally the right to to re-enter my old stomping grounds. Maybe we're like a couple of groundhogs popping up their heads after a long Winter, synchronously sensing promising weather ahead?

Hey, I'd like to comment on the previous post about Heebie Jeebies; can you turn on comments for that?

Larry Marder said...

Sure thing, Paul. I had no idea the Heebie Jeebies post comments were turned off. Took me a while to figure out how to flip the switch back on but I think I did it.
Your questions are good ones. I'm going to answer them in a day or three. Probably in a new post of its own.