Thursday, July 12, 2007

Yellow Submarine and my Lizard Brain

I found this article on Digg today about a Yellow Submarine iPod and it reminded me of something that happened to me a few years ago.
As some of you may know, I work for a Toy Company. Anyway, as much as I enjoy working in the toy business--I'm not a rabid toy collector. The few toys I really like that I've slowly accumulated over time have been advertising character toys and tchotchkes. I really like thinking about advertising characters! (In fact, nowadays my favorite toys are the Kellogg's series from Dark Horse. More on THAT on another day.)
On occasion though, we produce a toy that the lizard part of my brain starts clawing it, drooling, screaming "Larry must have! Larry must have NOW!" The first time that happened to me was right before I was about to make the jump to the Toy Company. I went to a sales meeting and saw the "two-up" painted prototype of the Blue Meanie. I went nuts. "Larry must have! Larry must have NOW!" I'm not all that excited about a branded iPod though.


smccloud said...

My Mom loves her Tilly Hat too. Those things have massive customer loyalty.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Larry,
Ivy just sent me the link to your blog. She made me very very happy!! Your blog is great -- very informative about all sorts of things I never knew existed, and of course, I'm extremely excited about the promise of new Beanworld. (Carol must have! Carol must have NOW!") Looking forward to seeing you at the Con.

Carol (Pond)

--MC said...

Larry, the imminent return of Beanworld is very good news indeed. Glad to find this blog and hope I can keep up with it.
Carol, I've missed you. Drop me a line: camposmark @