Friday, September 7, 2007

Subglacial Lake Discovered in Antarctica! many cheezy monster movies have started with such a premise?
(Hmmmmmm...I dunno--I'm not Steve Bissette--but a LOT of them have kicked off with something mighty similar.)

A hidden lake under the ice..."a place of profound darkness and bitter cold. " Sounds really, really eerie to me--like HP Lovecraft kinda spine-tingling weird.
(Now this might be because I recently read "At the Mountains of Madness.")
Okay, okay. So my imagination is running away with me--but you guys know where I work and what kind of stuff we sometimes make--so it's easy to let my mind drift from a scientific article to pure fantasy.
Hey, it IS a pretty exciting discovery, isn't it?
"The environment is remarkably similar to the dark and cold ocean below the surface of Jupiter's ice moon Europa, so the discovery of life in Vostok could have interesting extraterrestrial implications."
My mind shoots back to Lovecraft again.
Oh well.

One last observation--has anyone else noticed how similar the lakes outline (shown above) is to a silhouette of the continent of Africa?
A cosmic clue perhaps?
(Calm down, Larry!)
"As for what sort of organisms might lurk in that exotic environment today, no one can really be certain."
Ummmm....I sure hope it isn't some sort of "thing that can not be described!"


JJA said...

I'm not sure about Africa. It does look a bit like Greenland, or perhaps Australia on its side.

Then again, I did some computer enhancements and found this, so maybe you're on to something.

Larry Marder said...

I laughed so hard I almost passed water thru my nose!