Wednesday, February 27, 2008

BOTH Posters?

Ken's wrote: "Larry! My little brother was nice enough to pop by Wondercon today and pick up *both* posters. He didn't see you around, unfortunately.I can't wait to get my posters! SQUEE!"
And that prompted a response from anonymous that said: "Both posters? What "both" is that?"
Let me explain...
The top poster I created for Comic Book Legal Defense Fund in 2003. It was perhaps the only inked drawing I made that entire year. It's a contemplation of various ideas I've always had about possible Beanworld futures. It's not necessarily 100% accurate. But I think sharp-eyed Beanworld fans will be able to connect a few dots.

This poster is the one I drew last week for WonderCon. The edition was small--25 copies. There are still some left. CBLDF will be selling them in about 10 days after the stock gets back to their offices. I will post the details here as soon as I know them.


Anonymous said...

The joiks! You let 'em out of the hat box, Larry! Enough with that cruel and unusual corporal incapacitation - I'm glad. :) Even if they don't have their original bodies there...

Look at the cuties with their long hair, like the young Beanworld Zero beans, and Mr Spook finally completes his Forkquest. Ahhhh. What a wait it's been. And a ways to go before we get anything new in our -hands-, but hey-hey, these make it feel like the Beanworld Press is stirring back into life.

Thanks so much for this blog.

Hengest said...

It so doesn't matter, but I can't help posting that the "Stuff" (pre-chow?) that makes up Sprout-Butts and part of Gran'Ma'Pa was one of the main visual joys of my early life. I'm so glad to see it again in this drawing.

Speaking of this drawing, it feels very Robert Crumb to me in places, especially the top. I looked around for what I might mean, and I think I found it in the Complete Crumb series, Vol. 6, pg. 28, lower left. And also pg. 29, right half, third section from the top.

Seems there's other stuff, too, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Unknown said...

Hey Larry!

My little brother said he got to talk to you Sunday, when he came back to Wondercon for the DC: New Frontiers premiere. He thought the Beanworld Action Figures were cute (although he forgot to pack them with my posters when he shipped them out today).

I can't wait for my posters! I've always wanted frameable Beanworld art. That other piece, while obviously a concept piece, is very intriguing. Chips used to manuever through realities? Is that one Boom'r attracting Notworms or *creating* them?

And what's the deal with the hair!?

Thanks again!

David Goldfarb said... Mr. Spook is gone to Der Stinkle, and the Beans have figured out that they can use the Boom'rs for defense against the Hoi Polloi?