Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday's Tantalizing Teaser

This is a market sketch I colored up.
Needless to say....this Bean Village scene takes place in a far, flung Bean Future.

Their hair is very important.


jasonturner said...

It is like Beanworld sci fi!

Their hair, you say?
(ponder ponder ponder)

Larry Marder said...

Uh huh...their hair.

Anonymous said...

I dunno about the hair, but the yellow bands on their lower quarters and the yellow feet are quite tantalizing and tricky as teasers go.

Larry Marder said...

Well, yeah, Charles. That is quite true. But for me (today anyway) it's all about the follicles.

JJA said...

We know that the Bean's heads absorb vitamins and nutrients, so I hypothesize:

1) That chow has gotten weaker or scarcer, or has changed its nature, and the hair helps to absorb it;

2) There is some etherial essence (radio-style communication? shamanistic effluence from Beanish? Heyokesque topsy-turvydom?) that the young beans absorb/emit from the air this way;

3) They absorbed waaay too many vitamins and nutrients;

4) They are getting ready to take root;

5) The Beanworld's hair stylist has finally Broken Out.

I would not wager a single chow particle on any of these. %?)

JJA said...
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JJA said...

Side note: This video, which shows a ferrofluid (liquid magnetic material) in a rotating magnetic field, started looking very familiar to me at about 3/4 of the way in... Does anyone else agree?

Larry Marder said...

Oh I dunno, jja...you MIGHT wanna wager some.

Larry Marder said...

So, I clicked on the link, and I'm watching (a bit nervously I might add) and wondering--am I gonna be able to see what jja had seen?

What might it resemble? And then BAM!

The resemblance too something Beanworldly is extraordinary indeed!

Astounding find, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Beanworld meets Krazy Kat?

Anonymous said...

That video is beyond insane.

Larry Marder said...

Couldn't agree with you more. Spooky too!

Anonymous said...

Those beans ... resemble Kokopelli, the Pueblo deity.

DrBirdie said...

About the hair...I'm wondering if the not-just-place-but-process mantra applies to the characters as well. Remember that the infant Mr. Spook had long trailing hairs very similar to those of the Beans in this image. These hairs later grew into Hoi Polloi-like plates (unless, like Beanish, he adapted some chips for the purpose!).

What if the Hoi Polloi are not a separate species at all, but just Beans that have moved through x-number of additional evolutionary cycles?

This would make sense in terms of how each character uses chow as well. Pod'l'pool cuties are at first entirely dependent on chow and need to stay continually immersed. Later they can leave the pod'l'pool for short periods, but soon need to return to feed.

Beans no longer require the pod'l'pool, but they still need to absorb chow occasionally. However, they have now acquired the ability to work with Gran'Ma'Pa and the Hoi Polloi to make "chow soup" for themselves.

Hoi Polloi, as far as we know, don't absorb chow. They do, however, still depend on it for intellectual/spiritual nourishment (for them, gambling).

Gran'Ma'Pa produces sprout-butts, which can be turned into chow, but does not appear to need any form of enrichment other than the occasional dose of repro and (possibly) the presence of the Beans...and by extension the Hoi Polloi as well.

Just crazy ramblings from one who got immediately sucked in when Ish 14 was fresh on the shelves... :)

Anonymous said...

That video is indeed beautiful! What on earth is going on there? Certainly an enticing subject for further study!

Vernon said...

drbirdie, that is brilliant