Thursday, February 28, 2008

Some WonderCon Pictures!

As usual...most of the time I either left my camera in my room or forgot that I had it in my pocket. But from time to time i would remember I had it and would get a picture here and there.

Here I am with my former boss, Jim Lee, at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund booth.

It was great fun to run into Brian Haberlin, my former associate at Image Comics and TMP.

Also ran into another former associate, Steve Oliff.
We had a great conversation catching up on our respective careers
and mulling over old times.

Wow! David Laurence Wilson popped up too.
Dave's Readymade Rubber company was Beanworld's very first licensee.

I always liked those Beanworld rubber stamps.

Here I am with Terry Moore, a fellow veteran from self publishing days and Image Comics
I can't wait to see Terry's new book

Rory Root has been a Beanworld booster since we met at PetuniaCon in 1984.
It is impossible for me to go to Rory's Comic Relief convention store
and not see dozens of books I really want to read.

I was delighted to snag a copy of Mark Evanier's Kirby: King of the Comics book there.


David Goldfarb said...

You might want to fix that "Roy" to "Rory". :-)

Larry Marder said...

Ooops! Thanks, David.