Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday Tantalizing Teaser

These are gonna be some long. long spears; don't'cha think?


Anonymous said...

curiouser and curiouser.
how soon before we get to find out all the answers to these tantalizing teases?

JJA said...

Perhaps we could make up our own stories about the teasers, and post them in the comments? It would be an interesting exercise for Beanworld fans, and a good way to pass the time until the truth is revealed.

My guess about the real scoop, based on this panel and the one from last Tuesday, is that the Beans are starting to poke around in Der Stinkle...

Tabkend said...

Long range spear Flank'n!

Larry Marder said...

It's beena while since I posted any responses here.

To carol: As soon as possible. Which will not be anywhere near fast enough for YOU--that I can guarantee.

Because I've rarely identified exactly WHICH story any of these teasers are from...I will make the cryptic comment that brand-spanking new web comics ARE coming and they will have to suffice until all my publishing arrangements are signed, sealed, and delivered.

To jja: You are a very perceptive Beanworld fan, my friend.

To tabkend: excellent guess, of course, but jja is hitting closer to the mark.

I'm always open to any guesses and interpretations Beanworld fans have regarding the teasers.

Pretty soon, once you have new short stories though, I suspect most of your speculations will be about the new things you learn within those panels (and what takes place between them)!