Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday Tantalizing Teaser!

It's a poster.

It will be on sale at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund table
at WonderCon this coming weekend.
No, I'm not an official guest--so you didn't miss my name
on any of the convention announcements.
Yes, I will be signing and drawing at CBLDF's booth.
They will have a variety of Orphans and other things.
And I will be happy to discuss this drawing.
More details as they surface.


Unknown said...

So the long-range spears were actually just to keep the Hoi Polloi at bay... Mr Spook is having adventures in Der Stinkle for some reason (perhaps he's been gone for a while and Proffy heads an expedition out to find him?)... and the Boom'rs are boom'n a tune that makes the Hoi Polloi do the hah-chah-chah.

Very interesting if that's the case! Wonder what Mr. Spook is doing down there...

Any chance of the poster being available for sale later online?

Unknown said...

Yeah, same question about future sales of this poster.

I would do anything to be in SF for this event. I haven't been to a convention in years.

Larry Marder said...

I'm on my way to SF and WonderCon today and I will post the details as soon as CBLDF figures them out.

Unknown said...

Larry! My little brother was nice enough to pop by Wondercon today and pick up *both* posters. He didn't see you around, unfortunately.

I can't wait to get my posters! SQUEE!

Anonymous said...

Both posters? What "both" is that?