Friday, August 7, 2009

"? and !" on paper in MDHP v3.

Back from Arizona. Yesterday I drove a UHAUL full of all sorts of old possessions that had been lingering in Phoenix through the beautiful desert home to California.

Spent most of the drive mentally diagnosing the nascent plotline to BEANWORLD 4.
I can't wait to dive in full time.
It's gonna be a good one!

This morning I found that I'd recieved a package from Dark Horse Comics and inside were my artist's comps for MDHP v3.

At first I wasn't quite sure what it even was.
<-----this is the cover of the book.
I thought it was some sort of manga book.

Then Cory looked inside and said "Hey, Beanworld is in here!"

Well, sure enough it is!

Somewhat cleverly camouflaged within its covers is a print version of the Beanworld story "! and ?"

You'd never know the Beanworld story was inside based on the solicitations or the cover copy but it IS in there!

The story itself is actually part one of a two parter.
One of these days, in the proper format, I'll get around to telling the rest of the tale.


Charley Sumner said...

Thanks for the head's up!

Any chance of last year's "Beanworld Holiday Special" being reprinted? I was hoping it might have been included in Vol.2 in the appropriate place in the storyline, but wasn't surprised that it wasn't.

Larry Marder said...

Charley, all the color work I've done was meant to be seen in color. So at some point, Holiday Special, ? and !, While We Were Eating aka Asylum story, and anything else I might create in color between now and then will be published as some sort of Beanworld Apocrypha color volume.

Donna Barr said...

Beans are back! Beans are BACK! I just pinged this and tweeted it to Scott McCloud. All Hail BEANS!