Thursday, August 13, 2009

What exactly WAS this Total Eclipse stuff?

If page 57 of “A Gift Comes!” (seen above) left you scratching your head for a few moments before moving onto the next story elements, well, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.

It’s a recap of a series of events that took place outside of the pages of Tales of the Beanworld in a mini-series called Total Eclipse that kicked off as a cliffhanger ending in Tales of the Beanworld #10.
Beanish appeared in issues #3-5 of the series. I wrote extensively about it in the third volume of the old trade paperback series and you can read a reformatting of the original essay here. You can increase the size of the pages by hitting the little “All Sizes” magnifying glass above. Then you can make it quite large by clicking on "Large" or "Original Size."
In the essay, I make reference to my original intent regarding Tim Truman's Scout making a literal possible pop up cameo. It kinda made sense because the beans had made a previous cameo in Scout #17.
The drawing at the left is from my sketch book at the time. It's dated 2/7/88. That's a long time ago.
As you will read about, this particular idea fell by the wayside.
A point of interest: the line “Don’t come any closer!” was culled from from The Treasure of Sierra Madre and was part of a sound montage frequently played on Steve and Garry, my favorite radio show at the time. (Everyone of a certain age and time in Chicago will know what I’m talking about!)
It was a place holder for actual dialogue to come later.
A hearty "Wahoolazuima!" to Karen for her keen observations. She even made me think about a few things I hadn't considered before.
Hopefully all of these things will add a little sunlight to a very opaque sequence!


David Akers said...

Oh how I'd love to know how the Scout appearance would have worked out. Like everything else, I'm sure it would have raised as many questions as it answered, but it still would have been cool!


Unknown said...

I was hoping it was going to be explained in book 3. At least I know now. Thanks for explaining.

Tabkend said...

Dirt poor at the time, I could only afford to travel to the big city's comic book shop when a favorite like TOTB came out, so Total Eclipse perplexed me for the longest time. Finally I was making enough in my job to check out Total Eclipse. My mind wasn't wrapping itself around the story very easily, but I got the idea and thought it was neat.

I was hoping we'd learn more in the next book about Dreamishness' Eclipse, but if it's not I guess that's fine too.

Larry Marder said...

You get a whole lotta Dreamishness in "Here There!" She and Beanish are central to what goes on in the book.
No further information regarding the eclipse...but i GUARANTEE will not be disappointed with the developments that springboard out of Beanish's daily midday rendez-vous.

Karen Peltier said...

Thanks for the "Wahoolazuma"!

Larry Marder said...

You are most welcome, Karen. You earned it!

joecab said...

Ha! I was just asking you about the crossover at Comic Con. All I could recall was Beanish's return and that cool big pictureword balloon.

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