Friday, August 14, 2009

Treasures from Treasure!

Cory and I love getting emails like this!


Beanish Comic


Venture and Treasure

Mr. Marder,
I'm Treasure. I'm 5. I love your book! That's one of my favorite books. I like to pretend to be beans. My favorite beans are Professor Garbonzo and Beanish.
In part 2 I think the baby beans look cute. I wish I was in Beanworld so I can look at the baby beans. My favorite characters in part 2 are the baby beans. And I also love all the other beans too.
I have some questions. I want to know what the bean with the circle eyes name is? I really want to know what is under Der Stinkle? Those are my questions.
I drew some pictures for you. I drew the Boom'r Band. I drew Proffy and I drew a story of Beanish. I hope you like them I worked very very hard to make them.

From Treasure
(As dictated to her father)

This was followed by:

Mr. Marder,
When I was in High school I I stumbled upon BeanWorld and absolutlely loved it. I read the first 6-7 issued before I moved to Thailand to teach. After 9 years in Thailand I returned to the states with my family. Last month I attended Comic Con and while wandering through Artist Alley I saw you and remembered how much I enjoyed your work. I had been looking for comic books that I could share with my 3 and 5 year old kids and after seeing that you had 2 hard bound collections I felt these would be perfect. I also got about a dozen other child friendly books as well. It seems that my daughter, Treasure (age 5), has simply fallen in love with Beanworld. She insists that we read a new chapter everynight before bed. We've recently finished the first book and and are a quarter of the way throught the next. She also continuously looks ahead and I believe the question she asked about the bean with the circle eyes is in reference to Heyoka (we haven't made it to that part of the story yet). She's continuously acting out parts of the story and her new favorite subjects to draw are Beanworld characters. She wanted me to send you some of her pictures, so I've scanned them and attached them to this email. Thank you for your wonderful story. You've helped me develope a stronger bond with my daughter.
Best regards,
Shayne Olson

I wrote back asking if I could post Treasure's amazing drawings>

Mr. Marder,
I would love to have you post my pictures. That makes me happy because I want to show people how much I love Beanworld. I will draw more drawings of Beanworld and send them to you when I'm done.
(as dictated to her father)

Mr. Marder,
Treasure was very happy to receive a reply from you and even happier that you liked her drawings. I think it would be great to post her drawings as well as her picture. She's now on a quest to teach her little brother Venture to draw beans. The progress is slow but she seems determined and he's used to being her Guinea Pig. Thanks again for your reply you made my girl's day.
Best regards,
Shayne Olson

Thanks Treasure and Shayne.

As my editor, Diana Schutz, commented when I passed your email along to her:

"Too bad we don't have a lettercol. Guess these days that's what yer blog's for..."

It is.

Charles Brownstein of CBLDF said:
"You really should run an irregular reader mail feature on the blog and/or new website"

That we shall.

Send your fan art to me at and I'll showcase it here and then we'll find a permanent place for it.

JUST ADDED: A gallery called LEGUMINOUS FAN ART where Beanworld fan efforts of all varieties will now be showcased!

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Anonymous said...

I think the weirdest and best thing about Beanworld was that unlike collecting Godzilla toys or other nerdy things that only kids should do, it's never embarrassed me that it appeals to children as much as it does to adults. In fact, these kids are lucky... they'll grow up and eventually re-read the whole run with new eyes and ideas, and enjoy it completely differently all over again.