Thursday, August 20, 2009

Those Mysterious TFAW Cards!

It began as so many things do today--with an email.
It was titled “Upcoming Fundraiser Between CBLDF and Your Help Appreciated.”

As I recall I received two of emails almost simultaneously—one from Brendan Wright at Dark Horse and one from Andrew McIntire at Things From Another World.

The pitch was simple:
Dear Comic Industry Professionals, and The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund would like to invite you to participate in a unique fundraising event for the CBLDF.

For your participation, all we need is few minutes of your time and some original artwork by your creators, which will be auctioned at SDCC '09, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund to support their ongoing mission of preserving First Amendment rights for members of the comics community. and the CBLDF will be printing promotional Autograph Cards to be distributed at SDCC….This Autograph Card will feature a work of art by the creator….Ideally, we would ask that you donate the original artwork provided for each creator's Autograph Card, signed by the creator, to the CBLDF's auction.

So I wrote back and said “You bet I’m in.”
(Even before I became a Board member, I’ve always been good to pitch in some time and energy for the Fund. )

Not so long after I got further instructions that said:


“Hmmmmm.What shall I do?Something that is stand alone but that can be enhanced on-the-spot.

I thought about it and then forgot about it.
Then the reminder came that the piece was due soon.
Really soon.

And out of the blue I got the idea for the empty detail of the Legendary Edge and a slice of the Thin Lake as seen above.

My idea being, well, I’ll just draw beans jumping and falling.
“Yeah, cool, that might work!”

Sent the file to Andrew at TFAW and Brendan at Dark Horse.
Also sent one to Charles Brownstein , who is the Executive Director of CBLDF.
He wrote back an email:
“Totally unsalable. But I absolutely LOVE the signature card you did for the TFAW auction. I think I'm bidding on that. It's really brilliant retinally and conceptually.”

I knew of course, he was right about its saleability.
Typical obtuse Marderism.

In the end, I spiced up the drawing by adding Mr. Spook jumping.
Unfortunately, I forgot to scan it before I donated it.
(Someone out there purchased it in the auction, so whoever you might be, can you send along a scan so I can add it to the gallery?)
What gallery, you ask?
Ooops, I’m getting ahead of myself.
When I arrived at Comic-Con, at some point, TFAW dropped off a big ol’ box of signing cards. I decided to hang onto them until my signing that was going to be at the Dark Horse booth on, um, Saturday , I think.

So when my signing time arrived; I pulled out a stack of the cards and kinda looked at them.
I definitely remember drawing one and writing “First One.”
But I don’t recall what it was.

At first I was having a harder time with the cards than I had anticipated.
The card stock has a feel and texture that was rather unfamiliar and for some reason,
I couldn’t loosen up either my hand or my brain.
I also couldn’t decide what sort of tools to use to draw and sign with.

The signing ended and I went back to Artist’s Alley and kept a pile of the cards handy to doodle on.
Eventually I loosened up and got to jamming.
I drew on a lot of cards and gave most of them away.

But when I got home, I had a bunch of them in the box.

Those drawings, put in order, are a snapshot of how I approached the cards and became familiar with the materials and the composition itself.
Feel free to chime in.
And don’t worry.
I still have a lot of these cards.

At some point, some way, everyone who wants one will have the opportunity to get one.
Stay tuned.


Andew Willett said...

Wait, I'm confused. What was it that Brownstein felt was 'totally unsalable,' if not the art you originally sent in for the signature card? (The art he hoped to buy, thus demonstrating its desirability? Because I would have bid on it beanless as well.)

That aside, thanks for sharing the sketches. And the tantalizing tease for the Mysterious Eyeball-Looking Things That Proffy Doesn't Know What They Are.

Larry Marder said...

Charles thought that the piece would have less of a GENERAL appeal without a character in it.
On the other hand, Charles quite liked the piece and was considering bidding on it as it was.

Th entire purpose for the the drawing to be created was to raise as much money as possible for Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

The Fund's annual auction at Comic-Con is a highly competitive event featuring incredible works of art from the medium's finist talent.

The part I glossed over was that at one point, we had discussed the plausibility of me adding a character(s) LIVE on stage during the auction itself. But I had a scheduling conflict and that idea fell through.

The idea of adding to the drawing took hold and that was that.

Now, that all said... we may have guessed totally wrong about the original drawing's potential appeal.

So maybe what I should consider doing is ANOTHER version of the drawing at a much larger size and
submit it for NEXT year's auction.

Yeah, I think that's a good idea.
How about you?

And regarding the "Mysterious Eyeball-Looking Things That Proffy Doesn't Know What They Are?"

There are 212 pages of NEW story in "Remember Here When You Are There" coming in November that will shed some illumination on those very things.

Andrew McIntire said...

Those look great Larry! I'm glad you were able to get the flow of the cards. And I never heard about the Live drawing on stage element. I'd love to see it happen!



Keith Logan said...

I think you got into the flow rather quickly! This looks very fun, and intriguing to boot. I am so looking forward to November. Hope inspiration keeps smiling on you!