Thursday, September 3, 2009


This one has me stumped.
Longtime Beanworld fan, Kim Scarborough
posted this screen shot from The Wire on Facebook.

He reported "It's from season 2, episode 4.
I'm amazed I caught it!
It's only on the screen for maybe a half-second.
The guy says 'I brought you some Silver Surfers'
before setting down the stack."

Frankly I have no idea what this apparent Beanworld ad is!
Looks like the back cover of something.
Something glossy.
But what?

Looks like my style of ad.
But from when?
Drawing a total blank!

Regardless of my memory gap...
a hale and hearty Wahoolazuma! to Kim
for bringing this amazing wonder to my attention!

Okay, Leguminous Sleuths.
What was this?


Unknown said...

It reminds me of the cover for Tales of the Beanworld issue No. 8: Deep down; down deep!, but it's not.

Maybe an ad for the Vol. 1 or 2?

Charles Brownstein said...

I have no idea which cover is presented in the lower right corner, but this looks like the color ad that you were running back in the ad-swap days of that self-publishing revolution from 1993 to 1996. I'm pretty sure I remember this ad on the back of one of Don Simpson's Bizarre Heroes comics.

Larry Marder said...

That makes a lot of sense!
The more I look at it, it seems to be from that er when I self-published the 4 tpbs.

Larry Marder said...

So I'm in an IM with Charles Brownstein about something else and the above topic comes up.
And he said this:

Charles: it's just funny how beanworld makes these weird media cameos for seemingly no good reason

me: very funny indeed

Charles: very duchampian. your work arrives in this other art as a result of indifference in the selection of props

Anonymous said...

that is, IF it's due to indifferent prop selection. could be an extremely hip nod to the beanworld fans out there... it could happen!

Geo said...

I know for a fact I have this ad somewhere in my collection, I will have to go dig it up, but I want to say that it was on the back of the Asylum comics... I'll post again once I can verify it.

Geo said...

ok I found the ad. It is on the back of Shadowhawk II #2, published by Image in 1993. I think I might have seen this ad on the back of a few other comics around the same time, but this is the one I was able to find.

Larry Marder said...

Excellent detective work, GEO. Shadowhawk #2!
How about that?
Makes sense.
It was during that time that I was doing a bunch of advertising work for Jim Valentino for the 1963 mini-series and this may have been part of a trade. At that point Shadowhawk was selling in the upper, upper six figures and that ad was probably the widest exposure that any Beanworld imagery had ever had up 'til that point until Brendan Frazier's t-shirt in Airheads a few years later.
A hearty Wahoolazuma! to you.