Friday, December 18, 2009

CBLDF Special Offer!

The other day, I was talking about the two exclusive, limited edition, signed Beanworld posters I created for Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

The first one nowadays formally called "Codex Beanworld" is the one that seems to kick up the most interest when Beanworld fans first see it.

The second "Yoo-Hoo, Mr. Spook!" is also the source of much speculation as to what I might mean.

Over the weekend, I'm going to talk about the creation of these images and what they may mean (or not mean).

But in the meantime, Charles Brownstein, Executive Director of the Fund, noted that the supplies of these posters are dwindling very quickly and the inventory might not last long very long.

He came up with a great idea that makes it possible for you, the fans of Beanworld, to adopt these posters from the comfort of your own home.

Become a member of CBLDF NOW and you can adopt one of the posters as your Membership Premium.

If you are already a Member you can qualify for the premium by purchasing an early Membership renewal.

The funds raised in this membership offer help support the First Amendment legal work the CBLDF performs on behalf of the comics community. As I've said before, I know times are tough, and money is tight, but the good work that CBLDF does is just as important as it ever has been--if not more.

Here is how you do it!
Start by clicking here.

Chose your desired Level of Membership.

Click on it to learn more regarding the level of membership.

Under Premiums click
“Please send premium, if available, with my membership.”
And click on “Add to cart”

Fill in all the empty data blanks
and then
click on “Proceed to Check Out"

On that page at Step 4 “Payment Information”

in the second block titled “Order Comments”
type in your preference of poster:

1) Codex Beanworld

2) Yoo-Hoo, Mr Spook

And place your order.

You will receive a confirmation from CBLDF.

Indicate which of the prints you’d like under Order Comments as indicated below, but unfortunately, because supplies are so limited there can be no guarantees.

This is a first come, first served offer.

Offer ends at midnight December 31, 2009.

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