Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hoo●Hoo●HAs & a Hoka●Hoka●HEY!

Hoo●Hoo●HAs & a Hoka●Hoka●HEY! is a modern day online letter column for Beanworld fans.
Italics are me--roman font is you guys!
From Tabkend:

I think it should be stressed that if people haven't picked up the Holiday Special, they definitely should. It might help the perspective on the evolution of the Cuties, particularly in their interactions with each other.

Nobody will be disappointed when they pick up the graphic novel, I think.

Makes me wonder, will the other "seasons" be as long as Springtime has been? If you're going with mostly graphic novels, it definitely changes the pace of what we were used to so long ago.

Tabkend, the following seasons will be as long or short as the stories tell me they are supposed to be. That said, I believe that the Summertime cycle will be much longer than Springtime's 700-ish pages. There are a very large number of things that must happen within the frame work of Summertime. Most have barely been hinted at.

Regarding formats, unless the business formulas of the marketplace change drastically over the next few years--somehow the current model of graphic novel publication and distribution collapses and an unforeseen insatiable demand for indie periodical comics arises that make a profit--I am very happy with the current arrangement.
I've been asked if I wanted to consider Dark Horse's Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo model of comics first and collections later.
I thought about it.
And recognized that, for better or worse, I'm not that disciplined of a story teller.

I approach storytelling like a musician.

I come up with a little fragments of stories like a musician will come up with a ditty, riff, or hook and shuffle them around in a very grand scale.

Then, changing metaphors, as the story begins to take shape, I mess around with them in a process that is more similar to trying to finish a Joseph Cornell box than an issue of Tales of the Beanworld was. I was re-jiggering pages and sequences within Here There until the very last possible moment.
I really enjoyed exploring the subtle nuances of telling a long form story. What I really liked was getting to page 150 and recognizing that I didn't need page 2o and 21 and just yanking them and adding something else. If those pages had already been published, the entire story just might have veered of into something else. ( I just pulled those imaginary pages numbers out of nowhere. They aren't real.)
I now know, with no doubt whatsoever, that the long form, self contained graphic novel is the way that I'm supposed to work.

The Beanworld Holiday Special is still available.

From Kenny Hobbs:
Probably easier to follow my comments if I address the questions as you ask them, Kenny.

Soooooo many questions now.
The Secret Path to Something More???
What what what?

Here is cryptic answer number one.
When? When? When?
Nowhere near as long as you might think.

The hearts seem to be tangible objects that affect other characters... are the Boom'r's music notes the same?
Cryptic answer number two.
Looks like it huh?
I refer everyone to the cover of TOTB #21 and this too.

Why do the Cuties know so much?
Is it because they're still connected to Gran'Ma'Pa in the Pod'l Pool?

That would make sense wouldn't it?
What happens when they leave it?

Is whatever went wrong with the original beans going right with the Cuties, and if it did, what does that mean for the original beans?

And now I look at those prints my brother got me and wonder, what's the deal with this "chow factory" thing they visit, and what's the story behind the long thin beans?

Now that particular posting was in February 2008.
In March of 2009 something happened and I rediscovered something that had been lost.

Although I have spoken about it to people at conventions (pretty sure I talked about it with the Serious crew at Baltimore) it deserves an updated post of its own.
I'll try to remember to do so soon.

And why does Mr. Spook visit Der Stinkle again... apparently long enough to cause Proffy to worry? Or was there an emergency while he was gone on a pre-planned expedition? Heck... Don't even know if that's Der Stinkle! Maybe it's somewhere else!

Maybe not.

I think my favorite panel was when Proffy was talking to Beanish about the Float Force and talks about "something more." And then Beanish just LOOKS at him so weird.

Kenny, that little moment is one of my favorites too.
That's enough for today.
I'll post more later.

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