Thursday, December 3, 2009

Here There: here and there.

This isn't going to be an edition of Hoo●Hoo●HAs & a Hoka●Hoka●HEY!
Not quite yet.

Some great letters about Here There! pop-pop-popping into my mailbox and I'll start posting and commenting this weekend.

But I wanted to grab a few moments To update you about some of the online commentary that I'm aware of.

Comics Alliance :"'s as beautifully weird as anything he's ever done. "

Are You A Serious Comic Book Reader: "People work too hard at trying to “get” Beanworld and not simply observe the Beanworld. To enjoy what is truly the most immersive comics experience ever, you must begin like the still growing characters: Clueless, overwhelmed by the world around you."

Read About Comics: "Beanworld continually has surprises just hiding up its sleeve, and this new volume is no exception. I love how Marder can take shamanistic traditions and transplant elements into a story that also includes the hero’s journey, pop culture references, slapstick comedy, and the life cycle of a plant. There’s nothing else out there quite like Beanworld. If you’ve never read it before, please, check it out."

Roasted Peanuts: "I've been obsessed with Beanworld for months now, and to actually have not just one, but a thick book of new stories, it seems almost like too much. It is wonderful."

And last but not least--this Facebook post from Don Murphy (yes, that Don Murphy) : "Don Murphy has his copy of Beanworld vol 3 already and is off to the bathtub to read it!"


Unknown said...


My copy of Beanworld Vol 3 arrived yesterday and it jumped immediately to the top of the 'Must Read" pile. I've read it once already and it was wonderfully strange and yet familiar at the same time. Well worth the long, long wait since the last comic issue came out so many years ago.

The only downside is that now I long to read Vol. 4 and will have to patiently wait again.

At least I can keep checking back to your site for teasers. ;-)

Mark I. said...

Larry, I love the image you chose for this post. It's beautiful in its simplicity, yet I'm moved by the story my imagination spins about it. Could it be Heyoka returned to the Beanworld, reaching out to one of the other Beans to re-establish a connection to her home?

It's one of the most moving images I've seen. Yearning, comradeship, connection... I might blow it up to poster size and frame it.

My RHWYAT arrives in a week or so -- can't wait!

Rodneylives said...

Hey, one of those quotes is from me!