Wednesday, December 16, 2009

HERE THERE: Hither and Thither

It's been a while so it's time to tune into some more Beanworld buzz!

Read Anout Comics "I love how Marder can take shamanistic traditions and transplant elements into a story that also includes the hero’s journey, pop culture references, slapstick comedy, and the life cycle of a plant. "

Jog - The Blog " Halfway between an experimental clip art webcomic and a gag-heavy serial newspaper strip, Beanworld is just too damn peculiar to look its age..."

Jog - The Blog Featuring a fascinating conversation between Jog and Tucker Stone that goes into Beanworld territory.
"TS: I wonder what anybody makes of Beanworld. People talk about in the sense that they like it, but I don't know that I've ever read anything about it that's gone beyond that, something that goes beyond to the "I like it because of..."[Tucker gestures to indicate a paucity of substance.]"

Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin
"Once again my need's been awakened to see how the whole Beanworld story eventually works out, while at the same time never really wanting it to end. "

Glow In The Dark Thoughts
" There are so many little secrets in this book. The book is refreshingly simple, yet surprisingly deep. I highly recommend a reading."

Living Between Wednesdays
"...a couple of nights ago I sat back and read the continuing adventures of Mr Spook and Professor Garbanzo and the Pod’l Pool Cuties, occasionally heaving great sighs of contentment. What a time to be alive!"

HEEB Hannukah Gift Guide "Deceptively simple illustrations of a quirky symbiotic universe come to life like a psychedelic sea monkey farm. Crumb, Kirby, Jung and Seuss collide in this surreal ride.

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