Monday, December 28, 2009

Fan mail from some Frickes!

On Saturday, my old friend Paul Fricke, who I've known for a zillion years. in regards to SOLSTICE SOL'JER posted on Facebook: You just blew my daughter Emily's mind.

Well Paul and Mary, your daughters returned the favor today!

Hey, Larry!

Hope you and Cory had a dandy Christmas!

I've attached pix of a Beanish ornament Laura (13) made for her younger sister, Emily (9) as an Xmas gift. Beanish certainly seems to be Em's fave right now. She and I both loved book 3 - lots to chew on. So excited Mr. Spook got his fork back! We both can't wait to read it again.

I got my comp copies of Bedbugs last week, blogged about it today. Thanks again for your help in shepherding this to fruition, and continual plugs. = - )

Happy New Year!


A while back when his daughter, Emily, was 8 she sent me a terrific drawing of Dreamishness -- on display in the Leguminous Fan Art Gallery.

Laura: these ornaments are absolutely spectacular and totally Wahoolazuma!
Emily: you have a very generous and talented sister!
Paul: You are so thoughtful to send these along so everyone can see them.

I'm incredibly happy that Paul's labor of love Night of the Bedbugs is on its way. Paul asked me take a look-see at what he was doing about a year or so ago. I found Paul's contemporary up-date of a Dr Seuss-like story to be incredibly charming and clever. The coloring is sensitive and appropriate. I knew it was just a matter of time before someone would snatch it up for publication.

And that turned out to be my (even older pal) Jim Valentino at Silverline Books who grabbed it on first sight as I hoped he would.

Highly recommended!
And check out the promotional video!

Night of the Bedbugs is (c) 2009 Paul Fricke/Blue Moon Studios

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