Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I started this blog without any plan whatsoever. I told my wife, Cory, that I'm just going to put it online, not really tell anyone, and just sit back and see who shows up and when. So I think it is quite fitting that the very first person I heard from was Bob Heer. Bob wrote to tell me about the rebooted version of Gunk'l'dunk. Way back when in the 80s Bob was one of Beanworld's kindest and most supportive fans. Thanks, Bob!


smccloud said...

I'm here!

Got a Blogger account and everything (so I could make a friends list and put you on it -- only to find that they don't apparently do friends lists. Grr.)

Get a Livejournal account too! There must be Marder everywhere!

bob said...

Thanks for the plug, Larry. Everyone else, keep an eye on Gunk'l'dunk. I can almost guarantee you'll see a Marder piece or a Beanworld cameo by another artist that you never knew existed.