Monday, August 3, 2009

Important Announcements!

I finally decided to jump onto Twitter.

You can find me right here!

I'm not sure how clearly I've stated this up 'til now.
I won't be at SPX this year because it conflicts with my 40th high school reunion.
However...I WILL be going east and attending Baltimore Comic-Con October 10 &11.
More details as I know them!


carol said...

Hey, Larry,
Does this mean you won't be going to APE on October 17 and 18?
Also, Scott and Ivy gave me your new book with the sketch--Thanks! It's Wahoowaxuma!!!

Larry Marder said...

No APE for me this year.
Perhaps next.
After Baltimore I expect my next con to be WonderCon.

Geo said...

cool, even more reason for me to go to Baltimore! Will you be in Artists Alley? Dark Horse booth? CBLDF booth?

Monique R. said...

See you in Baltimore!! Excited!

Brian Jacoby from Secret Headquarters in Tallahassee Florida said...

Will you be at the annual Diamond Summit as well?

(That might be the deciding factor on attendance for me!)

Jay Hosler said...

Hi Larry,
We just picked up the latest Beanworld volume. My sons (who are 7 and 9) had already read most of the paperback volumes form Eclipse (?) that I had, but we are now moving into the second half of the volume and they are loving it. We read a couple chapters each night before bed. I can't wait to read the new volumes!
Jay Hosler

Karen Peltier said...

Hey! I just finished a piece for the Comics For Serious blog about the new book and some ideas of the beans in the Big-Big Picture, check it out!

and Monique already said it, but we're all pumped to see you in Baltimore in the fall!