Sunday, October 14, 2007

Beanworld Orphans Find Happy Homes @ SPX!

Have you adopted a Beanworld Orphan and given it a happy home?
If so, send a picture of it and you to and we will happily post it here.
More on all the fun we had at SPX as soon as we decompress and stop talking in the third person!


bob said...

Oh my god, that large piece on the right side of the photo is just mind-blowing. Is that just a playful "anything goes" design thing, or an actual future-of-Beanworld story page? Those wavy-haired Chow Pluk'rs (are those grown up Cuties?) riding those new variations on Goofy Service Jerks are freaking me out.

bob said...

(of course I meant the Spear Fling'n Flank'rs when I said Chow Pluk'rs. I'm going to have to turn in my Beanworld fan badge)

Anonymous said...

That big drawing to the right is quite tantalizing! Is it a preview of the future of Beanworld?

Hope you had fun at SPX. Wish I'd been there to buy some art.

Unknown said...

That drawing on the right...



Anonymous said...

That image at the right - looks like a stack of them! Is that a print? If so, are they still available anywhere?

Larry Marder said...

Yes...that would be a stack.
It's a print that I did for CBLDF in 2003 (I think). They are definitely still available but at the moment I don't actually know any of the details.
Bob's question is a good one and the answer is..."A little of both."
It was done for fun and as a tantalizing teaser for Beanworld fans to get a peek at where I plan on going with the storyline.
Is is 100% accurate?
Mmmmm...not sure. When I get there...I'll find out.

Brownstein said...

Now that the CBLDF's convention year is winding down, we're going to be bulking up our webstore in November to include this & other Beanworld items.

What other items?

Watch this space for more details!

Geo said...

I really wanted to meet you at SPX.. I walked by the CBLDF table several times during the day but to no avail. :(